BLOOM focuses on feminine and floral notes. This uplifting mixture of japanese cherry blossom and gardenia offers "in bloom" aromas. With light tones of rose, cherry, and tonka bean, this candle is perfect for anyone looking for a light weight, beautiful smelling space.


Volume: 13.5 oz 

Burn time: Up to 70 hours 


Fragrance Notes:

Top: Cherry Blossom, Magnolia, Ozone

Middle: Rose, Cherry, Vanilla

Base: Tonka Bean, Gardenia


SKU: 00000005
  • TRIM the wick prior to lighting and notably when a "flower" has developed on the tip of the wick. 1/4" is a Woke Wick approved length.

    Be sure not to burn unattended or out of sight. Store and use away from combustible items and keep away from children and pets. Place/store on heat resistant surfaces and away from drafts. Make sure the wax is completely solid/unmelted and unlit when moving the candle.

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